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The commemorative coins of Canada of the 2013th and earlier years of release are offered to numismatists. You can order any set you like or a single valuable coin on this site in two clicks. The company A.P.Impex will ensure the delivery of the selected lot on time, so that you become a happy owner of a long-awaited purchase as soon as possible.

Features of silver coins of 2013 and previous years

This collection traditionally includes silver coins of 99.99% pure silver with images of important events for Canada, attractions, national symbols, outstanding personalities, etc. The collection is not limited to only 2013 a year, since it is composed of sets of the coins which Canadian Mint minted in 2012 or earlier.

Canadian Collectible Coins 2013 and Earlier

"Group of Seven" - a set of 7 coins in a luxurious wooden case (2012-2013 CANADA COMPLETE GROUP OF SEVEN 7-COIN SET IN DELUXE CASE).

This collection is a vivid example of how one set can include coins of different years of release. A wooden case of deep black contains seven twenty-dollar coins dedicated to Canadian landscape painters who have made a significant contribution to the artistic heritage of their country: F.H. Varley's 'Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay', Arthur Lismer 'Nova Scotia Fishing Village' (July 2012), Franklin Carmichael 'Houses, Cobalt' (October 2012), Lawren S. Harris 'Toronto Street, Winter Morning' (January 2013), Franz Johnston 'The Guardian of the Gorge' (March 2013), J.E.H. MacDonald 'Sumacs' (June 2013), A.Y. Jackson 'Saint-Tite-des-Caps' (September 2013).
The name of this set comes from the fact that the named artists were part of the Algonquin School of Art, also known as the "Community of the Seven".

Commemorative Gift Set «The War of 1812» (2012-2013 CANADA THE WAR OF 1812 COMMEMORATIVE GIFT SET)

Another example, when the minting of coins that make up one collection, took place over several years - these are Canadian coins dedicated to the feats of the war of 1812. The selection includes the face value of 2 dollars - Her Majesty's Frigate "Shannon" and 25 cents: Sir Isaac Brock, Tecumseh, Charles-Michel de Salaberry, and Laura Secord.
You can buy coins of this series in a special three-panel cardboard booklet, on the pages of which you will find a description of the heroic events of the military history of Canada.


This full-color silver coin depicts the national symbol of Canada - the maple leaf. Despite the fact that the reverse of the coin is saturated with the colors of autumn (red, orange, yellow), its appearance does not cast discouragement. On the contrary, the maple image carries a natural energy that feeds the unshakable spirit of Canadians.

Canadian Maple Canopy (Spring) (2013 $20 CANADIAN MAPLE CANOPY - SPRING (#1) FINE SILVER)

The next coin, dedicated to the Canadian natural symbol - maple - is striking in the depth of the image printed on its reverse: a powerful silver trunk lushly framed by a delicate leaf greens. Having bought this rare coin - truly a work of art - you will appear to be under the cover of a centuries-old tree, feeling its height and the extent of branches that extend far beyond the edge.


The coin is the denomination of ten Canadian dollars with a full color image of a frozen pond, in which people are skating in colorful winter clothing. Considering this silver coin, you seem to be looking at a natural ice rink in the winter forest through a telescope. The artist so skillfully conveyed the movement of skaters that, it seems, they are about to burst from the ground and slip along the snow-white surface of the ice, cheerfully screaming and throwing snowballs at each other.

Year of the Snake - Fine Silver Lunar Lotus (2013 CANADA $15 LUNAR LOTUS YEAR OF THE SNAKE FINE SILVER)

An inseparable attribute of the collection of each year is the silver coin of the Moon lotus series. This coin has a specific shape - not round and undulating, repeating the outlines of seashells. The snake depicted on the reverse, slowly creeps out from under the leaves, as if peering at a man who holds a coin in his hands. The detailing with which the artist is guided to transmit the snake scales is striking. The Chinese character "Snake" complements the composition.

These and other commemorative coins you can easily buy through the website of the company A.P.Impex. Remember, we only trade with the original products minted by the Canadian Mint! The coins presented on our website will be an excellent gift and will take an honorable place in the collections of the most exquisite connoisseurs.

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