2016 Royal Canadian Mint

The company A. P. Impex, founded in 2016, offers a selection of the Canadian Mint in 2016. Here you can buy valuable coins, which will not only be a complement, but a highlight of your collection.

Features of coins issued by the Canadian Mint in 2016

The collection presents a lot of images of fish, dinosaurs and superheroes. There are also a lot of products depicting socially important professions, such as rescuers, policemen, doctors. The obligatory element of each collection is the symbol of the year according to the Eastern calendar, and, as is known, in 2016 was under the patronage of the monkey.

Also in the collection there are coins with a picture of the picturesque Arctic nature, animals and maple leaves. Most products are made in a round shape, but there are also oval, as well as traditional versions in the form of maple leaves.

Commemorative Coins of Canada 2016

Full-color figured maple leaf (2016 $20 CANADA'S COLOURFUL MAPLE LEAF SHAPED FINE SILVER).

The coin embodies the beauty of Canadian maple in the fall period. The leaf is a kaleidoscope of autumn colors. It strikes the clarity of every detail - the artist was able to perfectly draw every vein of the leaf, as if the nature itself worked on its creation. Adds an image of an insert of silver color, indicating the face value and year of issue.

Canadian landscapes - reaching the top (2016 $20 CANADIAN LANDSCAPES - REACHING THE TOP FINE SILVER).

Silver coin personifies the life of a traveler. It is full of surprises, adventures, ups and downs. The main reward for the traveler is the achievement of the top and set goals. The product depicts the figure of a man who stands on the top of the mountain and looks at the spreading mountains and pond. The full-color image is intended to be slightly blurry. It seems that he painted the artist in watercolor.

Canadian salmonids - Atlantic salmon (2016 $20 CANADIAN SALMONIDS - ATLANTIC SALMON FINE SILVER).

The family of salmon is a symbol of the wild nature and rich heritage of Canada. On a silvery background, full-color Atlantic salmon is imprinted. He is strong, resilient and can adapt even to harsh conditions. Impressive detail of the engraving and a harmonious contrast of the silver background with a color image.

Batman vs. Superman: At the dawn of justice (2016 CANADA $10 BATMAN VS SUPERMAN DAWN OF JUSTICE – BATMAN).

The product is called the film about the war of superheroes among themselves. Batman and Superman use different methods of order in the cities. The first can go on lynching, and the second - a supporter of good deeds and public attention. While they are fighting among themselves, there is a new threat to humanity.

The product depicts Batman's colored figure on a silvery background. This rare coin creates a striking contrast of black and silver.

Reflection of wildlife - Arctic fox (2016 CANADA $10 REFLECTIONS OF WILDLIFE - ARCTIC FOX SILVER).

The wild nature of Canada is home to representatives of the Arctic fauna. It is beautiful and majestic at any time of the year. On this commemorative coin of Canada, an arctic fox near the pond is imprinted. It drinks water, reflecting its beauty and forming divergent circles. The silver coin is one-color, but every detail is selected and well traced in it. 

Lunar Lotus - Year of the Monkey (2016 CANADA $15 LUNAR LOTUS YEAR OF THE MONKEY FINE SILVER).

2016 was held under the patronage of the monkey. This event was dedicated to the production of products. A pretty monkey is imprinted on a branch of a tree. Complement the story of the Chinese character. The shape of the product is undulating, as are other products from the Lunar lotus series. The technology of proof is also well demonstrated - a relief figure of an animal is engraved on a mirror-smooth surface.

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Pleasant news for buyers: for silver products 99.99% sample there is no sales tax.

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