2020 The Royal Canadian Mint

The company A. P.Impex, founded in 2016, offers you the collection coins of the Royal Canadian Mint in 2020.
The current year did not have time to start, and manufacturers have pleased numismatists and connoisseurs of rare coins with novelties that will not leave anyone indifferent. We offer an overview of some of the coins of 2020, which will be a good addition to your collection. 

Features of valuable coins of 2020

The new collection is notable for a selection of coins with colored subjects dedicated to hockey - the favorite sports game of the state. At least three series of coins with the image of a Rat - a symbol of 2020 - were issued. Pleased collectors of silver coins with images of superheroes, Arctic animals, sea vessels and dinosaurs. Also issued coins with Indian ornament, supplemented with Swarovski crystals.

Most valuable coins are made in a round shape, but there are several series of non-standard forms. Further about all in more detail.

Coin Selection of the Canadian Mint 2020

November-December 2019
1 oz. Pure Silver Coin - Year of the Rat (2020)
1 oz. Pure Silver Coin - 

January 2019

A.P.Impex presents new Canadian Royal Mint silver coins issued in January 2020.

You can find coins of the Canadian fauna such as the Loon, the Polar Bears, the Bald Eagle, the Narwhal and the Snowy Owl, the Brown Bear and the Wolves.

Silver coin has been presented with an image that represents the dragon traditional Chinese culture.

Also presents gift coins dedicated to Valentine's Day, wedding, childbirth.

Buy valuable coins of the January issue:

Uncirculated Set (2020)

2020 Proof Silver Dollar - 75th Anniversary of V-E Day

2020 Pure Silver Proof Set - 75th Anniversary of V-E Day

Celebration of Love - Pure Silver Coin made with Swarovski® Crystals (2020)

1/2 Kilogram Pure Silver Coin - Lucky Dragon - Mintage: 588 (2020)

2020 75th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War Celebration Collection

2020 Baby Gift - Welcome to the World Silver Coin

2020 Best Wishes On Your Wedding Day - 1 oz. Pure Silver Coin with Pink Gold Plating

2020 February Birthstone - Pure Silver Coin made with Swarovski® Crystals - Mintage: 5,000

2020 Baby 6-Coin Gift Card Set

2020 Birthday 6-Coin Gift Card Set

2020 O Canada 6-Coin Gift Card Set

2020 Wedding 6-Coin Gift Card Set

2020 Birthstones - Pure Silver 12-Coin Subscription made with Swarovski® Crystals - Mintage: 5,000

14-Karat Gold Coin - 75th Anniversary of V-E Day: The Royal Canadian Air Force - Mintage: 1,200 (2020)

Pure Gold Coin - Early Canadian History: New France - Mintage: 1,000 (2020)

Pure Gold Coin – Lucky Flower Dragon – Mintage: 5,888 (2020)

1 oz. 99.999% Pure Gold Coin - Canadian Coastal Symbols: The Atlantic - Mintage: 400 (2020)

At A.P.Impex you can buy coins of the January issue, which will be the pride of your collection album or a memorable gift for your dear people.

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