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Royal Canadian Mint - Maple Leaf Coins

You can buy rare coins at affordable prices, issued by the Canadian Mint, In A.P.Impex. Our collection will interest every coin collector, as well as those who like valuable things and wish to present such a gift to a loved one.

Features of rare coins with a maple leaf and why they are popular

Many people associate a maple leaf with Canada, and Canada with a maple leaf. This symbol is a component not only of the national flag, but also of certain signs on military forms. In addition, at one of the events, Queen Elizabeth II was with a brooch in the form of a maple leaf.
The Canadian maple leaf symbolizes the large number of maples in the country that support the country's good economic condition. They provide the availability of not only lumber, but also maple syrup. In addition, these trees are "lungs" of countries that make the air cleaner. Also, many people love maple leaves and trees for their external attractiveness. That is why in the collection of valuable coins of each year there are specimens with the image of a maple leaf.

Assortment of silver coins of Canada with a maple leaf

SML Tribute to 30 Years (2 oz. Pure Silver Gold-Plated Coin - SML Tribute to 30 Years (2018))

The copy is dated for the 30th anniversary of the release of the first coin with a maple leaf. On a silver coin, a maple leaf is imprinted close-up. It is drawn so clearly and realistically that one can clearly see not only its veins, but also small pores with a characteristic texture. Despite the fact that the sheet is made in silver and on a lighter silvery background, it does not lose realism and natural beauty. Looking at the leaf, it seems that the maple has just dropped it, preparing for a winter sleep.

Golden Maple Leaf (2 oz. Pure Silver Coin - Canada: Golden Maple Leaf (2018))

Maple received such an honor in Canada, and the collectible coin presented is yet another confirmation of this statement. The coin depicts a gilded maple leaf surrounded by silvery foliage, which smoothly transforms into elegant interweaving. The golden leaf and its shadow are drawn so clearly that it seems as though it is a real and voluminous. Background is a smooth and mirror coating.

Maple Leaves in Motion (5 oz. Pure Silver Convex Coin - Maple Leaves in Motion (2017))

What beautiful there is an autumn leaf fall, but for Canadians it is especially beautiful when the maple leaves swirl in the autumn dance. On a large and convex coin with a diameter of 60 millimeters there is a circling foliage raised by the wind. The middle of the background is a bit lighter, and this gives the impression that the autumn sun shines through the leaves, which can no longer warm the heat. The coin is monochrome with well-traced images.

Gilded Silver Maple Leaf (1 oz. Pure Silver Gold-Plated Coin - Gilded Silver Maple Leaf (2017))

Maple leaf became a symbol of Canada as far back as the 18th century, and now it represents the symbol of the nation, its pride and wealth of natural resources. The release of the series in 2017 was timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the state. The coin of finish proof is presented in the form of a maple leaf, on which various silvery and gilded maple leaves are imprinted. The veins, texture and outlines are well seen on the leaves. Foliage effectively stands out on a smooth and mirrored background.

1 oz. Pure Silver Coin - Majestic Maple Leaves With Drusy Stone - Mintage: 4,000 (2017)

A Canadian coin with a maple leaf is beautiful in itself, especially when it is colored red, like on the national flag. A convex red leaf with slight orange patches is in the center of the coin. This solution harmoniously combined the symbol depicted on the flag evenly red, and a real maple leaf in the autumn period of red-orange color. There are 4 maple leaves of different sizes and perennial stones of silver color in the background of the product.


Every season the maple tree is charming. In winter, it sleeps peacefully, in the spring - foliage appears, which rustles in summer in unison with the wind, and in autumn it turns into autumn colors, dropping lion seeds. The coin shows the life cycle of a maple tree - a branch with foliage in a different state and a “airplane” flying away from it. The design of the coin is one-color with expressive engraving.

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