The Royal Canadian Mint 

The company A.P. Impex presents a chic collection of valuable coins of the Canadian Mint. The founder of the company has been creating collections since 2012 and for all of his work he created a collection that will impress any coin collector. For the convenience of finding monetary units, collections are collected by year: from 2013 and the previous year through 2018, inclusive.
A bit of history about the Canadian Mint
The Canadian Mint was founded in early 1908 in Ottawa. In January, for the first time, there were presses producing monetary units. At that time, about 60 employees were engaged in the production of products. After 3 years, production began to perform electrolytic purification of gold, and later purification was started using chlorine compounds (the method of the old Australian Mint). To date, chlorine and electrolysis are used to purify the metal. 11 years ago, the Mint launched a system for cleaning silver. 
Interesting Facts 
• Until 1931, the institution was called the Ottawa Mint, after which it was renamed the Canadian Mint and became subject only to the Financial Department of Canada.
• The institution has the status of a corporation, which makes it possible to make decisions independently since 1969.
• Mint in combination is also a museum in which you can see the process of coinage, machines and other attributes of the production process.
• There is a coin in the museum that weighs 100 kg. It consists of gold at 99.999%.
Collections of rare coins of the Canadian Mint in chronological order
2013 and the previous year.
This year, a lot of silver coins were produced 99.99% of the pure silver, as well as gold currency units. Separately, we want to note some examples: "Lunar lotus" is a silver coin of an irregular shape with a snake in honor of the eponymous year, "Polar Bear" - a duet of gold and silver coins, "Autumn Bliss" - of pure silver with a picturesque color landscape, worked experienced artist Tony Bianco.
2014 year.
The Mint has produced a lot of gold and silver coins featuring various animals and picturesque nature. Polar bears, ducks, horse deer, owls, dragonflies have become an integral part of the coins of 2014. Numismatists were also pleased with coins featuring the Arctic nature, fragrant flowers and water bodies. 
2015 year.
Among the collection of 2015, silver coins predominate. Numerous monetary units dedicated to sports and Disney characters have been issued. Separately we want to note such interesting copies: "Lunar Lotus Year of the Sheep" (silver) of non-standard form, "Canadian maple leaf" characteristic for leaves of the form, "Canadian forests" with a color image of a coniferous branch with cones on a silver background.
2016 year.
The collection of rare coins of 2016 is famous for its colorful images of fish, dinosaurs, superheroes of films and national heroes. Separate attention deserves such coins as the "Canadian full-colored maple leaf" characteristic for the leaves of the form, as well as a coin with a color image of the British royal family. 
2017 year.
This year pleased collectors with silver coins with picturesque images of the seabed, autumn gifts of nature, Arctic animals. And, of course, it was issued a coin with the image of a rooster - a symbol of 2017.
2018 year.
The current year did not have time to start, and the Canadian Mint was pleased with the new collection. Among the novelties is the coin "Spring Festival" with a color image of a fragrant tree, as well as a series of coins "Learning to Play" with scenes dedicated to hockey.
Buy valuable coins without sales tax 
According to the laws of Canada, for the coins of silver 99.99% of the sample are not levied sales taxes. In A.P.Impex, you can buy coins that will be the highlight of your collection album or a memorable present for dear people. 

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