Star Trek Coins

A.P.Impex company presents to your attention a series of collectible coins of Canada, dedicated to the famous Star Trek media franchise. Here you will find a wonderful selection of coins that will not leave anyone indifferent.

What is the Star Trek series?

The Star Trek franchise includes not only TV series and movies, but also books, stories, and computer games. In addition, the Canadian Mint produces products dedicated to this media franchise. The series is the plots and elements of the popular Star Trek series that its fans like so much.

Star Trek™: The Next Generation - Pure Silver Glow-in-the-Dark Coin (2018)

A colored coin is a cosmic expanse that conquers a spaceship. The crew on board is exploring new worlds and is confronted with unusual phenomena. In the foreground is a spaceship, dissecting outer space, iridescent in different colors and a bit like the northern lights. Color plot is decorated in a rectangular frame. The basis of the product is silver with a flat and smooth surface.

Star Trek: Five Captains - 2 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Glow-in-the-Dark Coin -  (2017)

Five brave stellar captains personify humanity at its best. Each of them taught other people to be faithful, honest, compassionate and selfless. The captains have seen a lot on their way and are not afraid to conquer new open spaces.
In the foreground is the emblem of the space fleet, as well as the star captains against the background of space, looking at which gives the impression that it is dissected by a spacecraft at high speed. The background and the captains are full-color, and the emblem and border around the background is silver color.

Star Trek™: The Borg - 1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin (2017)

The presented commemorative coin of Canada is dedicated to the fictional and high-tech race of cyborgs. When they encountered other types or technologies, they took over their capabilities, if not voluntarily, then forcibly. When meeting with them, cyborgs said their favorite phrase: “We are Borg. You will soon be assimilated. Your achievements will be added to ours. Resist is useless. ”
The color image with a comic ship on the main plan is framed in a hexagon, located on a silver background with an expressive texture, resembling a complex technical scheme.

Pure Silver Coin - Star Trek™: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 - Mintage: 1,000 (2017)

The Royal Canadian Mint once again went beyond numismatic art, and very successfully. He made a silver coin in the shape of a U.S.S. spacecraft. Enterprise NCC-1701. Brave captains in the movie Star Trek made the most incredible journeys on this starship.
The shape of the coin follows the shape of a starship. It is made in silver color, and the name of the spacecraft is engraved on the body.

1/2 oz. Pure Silver Colored 4-Coin Series - Star Trek Crew (2016)

Not a decade has passed since the release of the fantastic Star Trek TV series on screens, and it still does not lose popularity. The Star Trek: Team silver coin collection consists of 4 items that depict the heroes of the television series of the same name: Captain Kirk, Scotty, Uhura and Spock. The characters symbolize courage, goodwill, honesty and the desire to make new discoveries while traveling in the universe.
Characters are made in color on a smooth silver background, creating a pleasant contrast for the eyes. For each of the 4 Canadian coins presented, there is a separate stylish and color package.

1 oz. Pure Silver Colored Coin - Star Trek: Enterprise (2016)

The valuable limited-edition coin captures the starship Enterprise, which has been on a wide variety of missions under the control of a star team. Brave captains and their fleet made incredible journeys in time and space.
In the background of the product is immense outer space and a new unexplored planet, flickering with orange-yellow colors.

1 oz. Pure Silver Colored Coin - Iconic Star Trek Scenes: The City on the Edge of Forever (2016)

The rare Canadian coin depicts a favorite episode from the cult film Star Trek in color: the heroes of the series stand in front of the pulsating ring "The Guardian of Eternity." The characters of the film in pursuit of Dr. McCoy come to Earth from the period of the 30s. It turned out that he changed the past - the starship was not built, and the team risks to stay in the past forever.

1 oz. Pure Silver Colored Coin - Iconic Star Trek Scenes: Mirror, Mirror (2016)

Another color copy of the commemorative coins of Canada, dedicated to the cult scenes of the Star Trek series.
The fourth episode of the second season of Star Trek tells of an ion storm in which a spaceship hit and was damaged. To correct the damage, part of the crew is teleported to another universe, where the empire keeps everyone in awe. At this time, the behavior of McCoy, Uhura, Scott and Kirk becomes the opposite of their usual state, so they are detained while the starship is being repaired.

1 oz. Pure Silver Colored Coin - Iconic Star Trek Scenes: The Trouble with Tribbles (2016)

Collectible coin is dedicated to one of the cutest episodes of Star Trek.
The Klingon ship requested permission to land for the crew to rest. Uhura was presented with a cute and fluffy animal, resembling a kitten. All would be fine, but tribbles began to multiply at high speed, as a result of which they flooded almost the entire spaceship. The plot of the film is made in color, and the background is a smooth and silver coating.

Star Trek ™ Iconic Starships - Pure Silver Glow-in-the-Dark 3-Coin Series (2018)

The selection consists of three proof coins with the image of iconic starships. It is on them that the crew makes the most incredible travels and movements in time. Each copy shows a different board and background, which is a kaleidoscope of cosmic colors and the vastness of the universe. The color plot is made in a rectangular frame on a smooth silver base.

If you are interested in rare coins whose prices are available, place an order, and soon they will become a valuable addition to your collection or a gift to a loved one.
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