How to order

Order status.

 How to create an account?

In the upper right corner click on the icon with the image of the person, after which 2 windows will appear: "Authorization" (for those who have already registered) and "Registration". Select the "Registration", after which you should fill in the questionnaire, specify and remember the password for the entry, read and tick the agreement with the Privacy Policy. After the above steps, click the "Continue" button.

At the time of registration (optional), you can subscribe to the newsletter of A.P.Impex.

How do I change my account information?

To change the information in the account, you need to log into your account ("My account") and select "Edit contact information".

What should I do if I forgot my password?

At authorization on the site there is a function "Forgot password?". You should click on this link, and then enter the e-mail address that you indicated during registration.

How to know the status of the order, and whether it was sent?

You can find out information on the site in the section "My account" - "My orders". 

How can I change the quantity of goods or cancel a certain item in my order?

In order to make changes to the order, please contact us at the contact information provided on the website:

How do I track the status of an order?

You can see the status of the order in the section "My account" - "My orders".

Why is my order not displayed?

You can find out the status of the order made in the section "My account". If your order did not appear in your account, please contact us:

Where do my previous orders appear?

To view your order history, you must:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click on "My Account".

3. Click "Order overview / tracking number". 

Attention: after the order is accepted, it can not be canceled.

When will the reservation be confirmed?

The pre-order will be confirmed when it is delivered to us from the supplier.

How to check the history of financial transactions made on the site

You can check the history of financial transactions, compare order history and financial reports by logging into your account: order history, transactions. If you have any additional questions, write to us by e-mail: 

Can I print an invoice?

In the "My Account" section there is a function that allows you to print invoice.

How to quickly find the right product?

The website has a convenient navigation system:

1. You can choose the necessary category and subcategory of the goods.

2. Use the "Search" function on the right side of the site.

If you are having trouble finding the desired product, write to us at, and we will reply as soon as possible so that you find what you are looking for.

How do I apply a discount coupon?

After you add the product to the cart, click on the link "View Cart" on our website, and then "Checkout". At the bottom of the page, the "Use coupon" function appears. When you click on this link, a window appears for entering the coupon code.

Will the goods be considered mine, after I added it to the basket?

We always keep a record of the goods, but the availability of products in your shopping cart does not guarantee that it will be available for sale until you complete your order. Placement of goods in the basket does not mean its reservation. It can be sold before you make an order. 

If we find a difference in the inventory, we can cancel the order. However, you will receive a letter with the appropriate notice in advance. For canceled goods you do not need to pay, and if payment was made, the money will be credited to your account again.

I received a notice that the goods are not in stock. What to do?

The order will be canceled and the money will be returned to your account. We apologize for the current situation. You can buy the goods you like when it is available. If you have any additional questions, write to us by e-mail:

Is the site adapted for smartphones?

Yes, you can use the site from your smartphone.

I can not add the item to the cart or there are other problems while visiting the site.

The problem may be related to your browser - it may be outdated or it may not work correctly. To visit you should use updated versions of browsers, such as Firefox or Google Chrome. 

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, problems with the site may arise. In this case, we recommend that you update your browser to the latest version or use another. 

If you do not use alternative browsers, write to us at, and we will help you place your order.