2017 Royal Canadian Mint

2017 Royal Canadian Mint


2017 The Royal Canadian Mint

In the company A. P. Impex you can order collectible coins of the Canadian Mint, issued in 2017. As you know, every year's collection has its own peculiarities and interesting design solutions, and in 2017 it did not become an exception. 

We offer you to get familiarize with a selection of valuable coins that will not leave indifferent even the demanding collector.

Features of valuable coins of 2017

Looking at the collection coins of 2017, it seems that manufacturers have received a charge of inspiration from painters and natural beauties. The assortment includes a lot of full-color coins with picturesque landscapes, wild animals and inhabitants of the water depths. Also a lot of series of coins are dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Canada.

In addition to the round forms, Canadian jubilee coins are presented in the form of an egg, a soccer ball, and also in the traditional form of a maple leaf.

We offer for consideration some variants of the collection of coins of 2017.

Coin Selection of the Canadian Mint 2017

Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Canada (2017 $ 10 CELEBRATING CANADA'S 150TH - FLOAT PLANES ON THE MACKENZIE RIVER).

A silver coin from a series of 13 coins dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the state. Even at first glance, it is impressive color saturation, realism and clarity of details. It is also striking how beautiful the northern lights shine. Against this background, a motor plane with a national symbol - a maple leaf - was captured. It seems that it is about to take off, and will soar above the peaceful nature of the northern edge.

Commemorative silver coin dedicated to the centennial jubilee (timed to the events of the period 1967-2017). (1967-2017 CANADA 50-CENT CENTENNIAL COMMEMORATIVE PROOF SILVER). The coin embodies the high quality of the proof technology - on a perfectly smooth surface, a matte and relief image of the wolf looking upwards stands out. The courageous figure of a wolf symbolizes the strength and courage inherent in predatory wildlife dwellers.

Birds among the flowers of nature (2017 CANADA $10 BIRDS AMONG NATURE'S COLOURS).

The third coin in a series of 5 coins, showing beautifully engraved birds against a backdrop of picturesque nature. Two small and nimble birds sit on the branches of a tree surrounded by green foliage. The silver color of the bird and the full-colored rest of the plot form a spectacular and harmonious contrast.


The coin depicts the foliage of a maple tree, over which droplets of water flow. Behind the main plan there is a pond with green beaches, and on its background majestic trees of matte silver are depicted. The plot symbolizes that, despite the adaptation of maple to different conditions, it needs water, which will help it prosper.

Lunar Lotus Year of the Rooster (2017 CANADA $15 LUNAR LOTUS YEAR OF THE ROOSTER FINE SILVER).

Every year, the Canadian Mint produces silver coins dedicated to the signs of the eastern zodiac, and 2017 was no exception. In a wavy frame, a close-up cock is shown with a beautiful tail, like tongues of fire. Complement the plot of the flowers in the lower part of the coin and the Chinese character.

In the depths of the Sea - Sea Turtle (2017 CANADA $20 UNDER THE SEA - SEA TURTLE FINE SILVER).

The coin depicts the picturesque world of marine life. It strikes with its primordial beauty. The marine flora is drawn so clearly that it seems that the algae are swaying at the tempo of the sea waves. Complement the image of a sea turtle. Three species of such turtles live in Canada.

You can buy coins that you liked in the company A. P. Impex. We have a gorgeous collection of rare coins, each of which has its own peculiarity and originality. We guarantee affordable prices and authenticity of products. Also remember that for 99.99% silver coins there is no sales tax.

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