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Special Limited Edition Products

A.P.Impex presents a collection of special limited edition products and gift coins issued by the Canadian Mint. Here you will find coins not only for your own collection, but also gifts for people close to you who will remember such a gift for a long time.

Features of gift coins

The assortment includes pure silver coins dedicated to anniversaries and other important events of national importance. Also presented gift coins on the occasion of the marriage, the birth of a child and the union of a loving couple.

Assortment of valuable coins

$ 1 Pure Silver 2-Coin Set - 30th Anniversary of the Loonie (2017)

In 1987, the first coin with the image of the loon was released. Since that time, 30 years have passed, and the release of silver coins was timed to this event.
The first coin depicts a waterfowl. Common Loon - an integral part of the fauna of nature in Canada. They can dive to the depths and stay under water for 1.5 minutes. On the second coin is a canoe in which an aborigine and his companion sail in a calm reservoir past evergreen trees beyond which is seen the northern lights. Both products made in silver color, like connoisseurs of history, as well as the flora and fauna of Canada.

2 oz. Pure Silver Glow-in-the-Dark Coin - Celebrating Canada - Mintage: 5,000 (2017)

The commemorative coin of Canada is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the state. On the day of the anniversary, hundreds of Canadians in red and white clothes with national flags went out to the square near the state government to celebrate the event. Complementing the plot is a beautiful air show with nine aircraft.
This coin has a zest - if you look at it under a turned on ultraviolet lamp, the daytime setting becomes night-time, with multicolored fireworks, the light from which falls on a crowd of people. Such a gift will delight not only the patriot of his country, but also the demanding numismatist.

1 oz. Pure Silver Colored Coin - Bejewelled Bugs: Butterfly - Mintage: 4,000 (2017)

The butterfly not only symbolizes the arrival of a warm summer, but also love, hope and faith. The butterfly is also a symbol of favorable changes: from a simple caterpillar it turns into a graceful and beautiful insect flying above the ground.
The design is a silver base with engraved flowers, and in the foreground is a butterfly decorated with precious and semiprecious stones (black sapphire, amethyst and rhodolite). The butterfly is convex, which creates the impression that it has just arrived from collecting nectar from flowers.

1 oz. Pure Silver Coin - Bejewelled Bugs: Bee - Mintage: 4,000 (2017)

A bee decorated with precious stones on a silver coin will not leave anyone indifferent. The insect symbolizes hard work and perseverance - every day the bees produce nectar, clean their hive, build honeycombs, feed the larvae and even maintain the desired temperature in the hive.
The gift coin depicts a convex bee adorned with precious stones, including sapphires. It seems that its silvery wings are about to flap up, collecting nectar from other colors. On a silver background are fragrant flowers. A beautiful box for transportation and storage is attached to the product.

3 oz. Pure Silver Coin - 125th Anniversary of the Stanley Cup - Mintage: 5,000 (2017)

Collectible coin is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the appearance of the Stanley Cup. This is a prestigious award, which is awarded annually to the winning team of the National Hockey League. In this case, the cup does not become the property of the team.
With the advent of such a gift coin, stylized under the Stanley Cup, now everyone can become the owner of a prestigious award. The product is made in silver color and is a cup in the cut. On a flat surface is indicated face value, the name of the instance and the portrait of Elizabeth II. Comes with a rectangular black packaging.

2018 Baby Gift - Welcome to the World Silver Coin

What is a gift to coincide with the birth of a baby in 2018? We offer to purchase a silver coin with the image of small children's legs. The product is impressive detail engraving: clearly traced fingers, lines and bends on the skin. It seems that the baby left the prints of his legs, as if he brought a piece of himself into this world.
The product is made in silver color. Thanks to the detail and different shades of silver, it is expressive and impressive.

2018 Best Wishes On Your Wedding Day - 1 oz. Pure Silver Coin with Pink Gold Plating

When two people enter into marriage, they promise to keep love and be faithful to each other until the end of their days. An excellent gift on this occasion will be a rare coin for those who decided to get married in 2018.
The copy is decorated with arabesques and hearts of pink gold color. Complement the ornament two figures in the form of eight, symbolizing infinity. The background is made in silver color.

2018 Celebration of Love - Pure Silver Coin made with Swarovski Crystals

The Canadian coin symbolizes the tradition of loving couples: attach the lock to the bridge fence, lock it and throw the key into the pond. The action means: as no one will open the lock now, so a couple and nothing will separate.
In the center of the product is a heart-shaped lock with floral ornaments, and behind it is a key with three precious stones. The plot is complemented by two colored blooming roses. The background is made in silver color. Comes with a beautiful pink gift box.

You can buy the coins you like from A.P.Impex at affordable prices. We guarantee the authenticity of products, a wide range and honest service.

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