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Are you a collector and connoisseur of the flora and fauna of Canada? Then a selection of Canadian coins with images of flora and fauna is what you need. Clamshells supplement products that emphasize the beauty and design of coins.
We have products of the Canadian Mint, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Learn coins better!

Features of silver coins with the image of flora and fauna

Canada has long been famous for its beautiful scenery and its representatives. Coniferous majestic trees, maples, lyriodendrons, fragrant flowers and much more have become an integral part of the country. Also, Canadian spaces - a home for Arctic animals and rare species of fish. The diversity of flora and fauna has become an occasion not only for pride, but also for coinage by the Canadian Mint.

Selection of rare coins

Courageous Cougar (1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin - Majestic Wildlife: Courageous Cougar (2018))

Canada's biggest cat returned to the East. It stands on a rocky rise, slightly covered with moss, the cat boldly looks amber eyes into the distance. Behind the puma stretched the majestic mountains with unruly peaks and evergreen trees. The coin is selectively painted - puma, rocky base and full-color trees, and the background in the form of mountains is silvery.

Paw Prints on the Edge: Wolf (1 oz. Pure Silver Coin - Paw Prints on the Edge: Wolf (2018))

Wolves are territorial animals. The coin depicts a wolf closely following his territory. It stands proudly on the dais, looking around - snow-covered firs, plains and other elevations. Behind its, it left traces, but despite this, it is still an elusive beast for most hunters. The product is made in one silvery color by the technology of proof. Impressive detail engraving - well drawn tracks and especially the wolf fur texture. The highlight of the coin there is its herd, it shows the wolf tracks.

Monarch Migration (3 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin - Monarch Migration (2017))

The wings of this butterfly are not as thin and weak as it seems at first glance. Butterfly-monarch is a strong and brave "pilot". In addition, it is one of the most popular and famous insects of Canada. Butterfly spread its wings and is about to land on one of the fragrant flowers. Only the daniade is made in color, creating a striking contrast with the silvery background.

Canada's Coast Series: Pacific Coast (1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin - Canada's Coast Series: Pacific Coast (2017))

The plot combines the beauty of the sunset on the Pacific coast and the patriotism of the nation. Quite an interesting solution is that the sunset is represented in the form of a yellowed maple leaf, reflected on the surface of water, which is about to disappear behind a high mountain. Only the sunset and its reflection is made in color, but this does not make the plot less picturesque, but rather creates a realistic and dramatic contrast.

Reflections of Wildlife: Grizzly Bear (1/2 oz. Fine Silver Coin – Reflections of Wildlife: Grizzly Bear (2016))

The nature of Canada is home to arctic animals, among them the grizzly bear. It leaned over to the water, and carefully examined its reflection. From the massive body of a bear that has entered the water, circles diverge. Behind it stretched the Arctic landscape - large stones on the shore, which no one ten years and slender trees. Color of the product is completely silver.

Celebration of Spring: Cherry Blossoms (Fine Silver Coloured Coin – Celebration of Spring: Cherry Blossoms (2016))

With spring comes not only the heat, but also the blooming cherry trees, whose scent spreads throughout the neighborhood. The spring story is colorfully demonstrated on Canada's collection coin "Cherry Blossom". Gently-cherry blossoms are spectacularly fragrant on the tree that has recently been asleep all winter. A flowering branch with clearly traced details is imprinted close-up at the bottom of the coin. It is made in color, like the flowering of a tree. Background is a smooth and mirrored surface.

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