Privacy Policy


A.P.Impex and privacy

A.P.Impex company cares about the privacy of all visitors to our site ( 

Having acquainted with this notice, you will learn how we collect, store, use and dispose of the personal information of visitors to our site. Also, you will find out for what purposes personal information is collected and how visitors exercise the right of access to the data we have received. 

Under the law governing privacy issues, you have the opportunity to gain access to their personal data, and if necessary, make adjustments to the data that is stored in the company A.P.Impex.

How do you collect and use your personal information?

Direct collection of information

The information is collected on the website when you visit its pages, when you open or update your account on the site, buy our products, participate in contests, subscribe to our electronic newsletters / notifications, answer our polls or contact us with any requests and questions.

Data collected by A. P.Impex:

The address of your Internet Protocol («IP»).

The data that you provide in account. They include your name (login), e-mail address, postal or business address, phone number, account number, user name and password, as well as payment details. We also receive other information that you specified in your account, for example, the language. The received information allows us to understand who you are, how to contact you, at which address to send products, and what payment method do you prefer. 

The feedback you leave. As a rule, they contain ideas for improving our activities, your impressions of cooperation with us and products.

Your correspondence by e-mail with the help of the site (only with your consent). The information obtained is used to give you an exhaustive answer to your questions.

Information about the transaction, which show what products you have purchased and the selected payment method.

Use of Personal Information

The information obtained from the above sources can be used to compile reports related to statistics, as well as to evaluate and optimize our activities. 

Online advertising and services Google Inc. («Google»)

A.P.Impex company uses Google services. Some services may include the exchange of your personal information with Google, for example:

Google Adwords Remarketing Service allows us to display our information for former visitors to our site while they are viewing websites that are part of the Google Display Network, or when searching for products related to our products or services on Google. The Google Adwords service allows us to learn about your preferences and provide advertisements that are relevant to these preferences. For example, create a list of visitors to a web page related to the new coins issued by the Mint - the visitors will be shown the advertisement or advertisements relevant to this coin or similar A.P.Impex product while browsing on Google or other sites that are part of the the Google Display Network. Using Google's Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) allows us to direct ads to former visitors of the A.P.Impex website (users who visited the site previously are included in the remarketing list). You can opt out of advertising (the use of Google cookies) in the Google advertising settings. 

We are using the service Google Customer «Customer Match» for advertising our products some customers when they use Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail. To Customer Match functioned, we provide Google a list of email addresses of customers, who would like to receive information about our products. These people receive our advertising in accordance with the terms of the Google Match policy. The email addresses that A.P.Impex shares with Google are used by Google only for the benefit of visitors. Google guarantees the safe storage and deletion of data within seven days after the completion of the matching process. You can opt out of personalized ads in your ad settings. The refusal will apply to both Google's advertising services and to sites that cooperate with Google to display ads.

We make advertising related to Google keywords. If the search terms you enter on Google match our keywords, our ad can appear above or next to the displayed search results. This form of advertising is not related to the joint use of A.P.Impex with Google Personal Information. 

Using Targeting

Facebook users who visited our website see ads related to A.P.Impex when using a social network. All data is protected from unauthorized interference. Persons who want to limit Facebook advertising can do this in the settings of the social network. 

We use the Tailored Audiences Twitter service for targeting ads to users of Twitter

Thanks to the personal information we have received, we identify people who are active on Twitter so that they can receive information about us. Since our users visit web pages that contain tags, Twitter conducts analysis to determine if the user is also a user of Twitter. The target audience, which is provided to advertisers Twitter Ads, is the users who visit a web page containing the tags and are Twitter users. If Twitter users do not want to receive advertisements on Twitter, you should uncheck the box next to the feature "promote content" in the Twitter privacy settings.

Mailing lists

By specifying your e-mail address in any online subscription to A.P.Impex, registration form, competition, or having completed a purchase within the last 24 months, your email address is added to the mailing list. This means that we will periodically send you information about our products.

If you want to unsubscribe, notify A.P.Impex at any time by e-mail, regular mail or phone about your wish. After that, your name will be removed from the list of addresses for distribution. Also you can use the function "Unsubscribe", which is in the letters sent by us. After unsubscribing, your address will be deleted as soon as possible, but not later than three working days.

After such a procedure, we can ask you to specify the reasons for refusing the mailing to understand how else we can optimize our activities.

It is worth considering that the refusal of mailing will not affect other messages from the company A.P.Impex, for example, if you are subscribed to another newsletter. 

Third-party social networks

Using A.P.Impex in social networks is an extension of our online presence. Accounts of social networks are public and do not reside on our servers. Users who want to interact with us through social networks should learn about the service rules and privacy policies of these third-party service providers and applications used to access them. A.P.Impex uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest.

The personal information that you provide to us through accounts in social networks is collected for the communication between you and A.P.Impex.

Internet protocol (IP) address

The IP address is needed to connect your computer to the Internet. The company A.P.Impex uses programs to monitor network traffic and identify unauthorized attempts to download or modify information or otherwise harm our site. 

The programs used by A.P.Impex record the IP address of each computer that communicates with this site, the date and time of the visit, and the visited pages. We do not identify by IP-addresses of users, the exception is only their attempts to harm the site. 

In the event that the above unauthorized activity is discovered, the information can be transferred to law enforcement agencies. 

Web Analytics

Web analytics is needed to collect and analyze data on web traffic and visits in order to understand and optimize the use of the Internet. Your data can be used to remember the interactions with our site.

When you visit our site from your computer, we collect the following information for web analytics:

outgoing IP address;

date and time of the request;

type of browser used; 

visited pages.

To protect your privacy, your IP address is anonymous before it is stored on Google servers. 

Since the data collected for web analytics purposes may extend beyond Canada to Google servers in the United States of America, the legislation of this state may enter into force, in particular the United States Patriot Act.

Any personal information used on behalf of A.P.Impex for web analytics purposes can be used for data on statistics in the field of communications and information technology, audit, evaluation, research, planning and reporting. Personal information collected as a result of web analytics is not used by A.P. Impex to identify individuals or in the decision-making process that directly affects individuals.

To learn more about how your privacy is protected using web analytics, see the Privacy Standard, and the Web Analytics section.

Online orders, payment and shipping

When you make an order in A.P.Impex, some of your personal information is collected and stored on the servers of our reliable partners. You choose the password that we will use to protect the privacy of your profile. If you forgot your password, just follow the prompt to get a new one and resume access to your account. 

We also ask for your phone number and e-mail address so that we can contact you if there is a problem with your credit card or order.

When making online credit card payments for any A.P.Impex products offered online, we use the services of third parties to process authorizations and payments for online cards on our behalf.

Also, we can send your data to the delivery services. They will know your name, email address, your phone number and address of delivery. We cooperate only with conscientious carriers with high standards of privacy and security of personal data storage. 

Delivery services are prohibited from using your personal information for any purpose except to send you your product. Also they can not transfer or resell your data.

Disclosure, storage and disposal 

Personal information can be disclosed to law enforcement agencies in case of detection of suspected persons in unlawful actions. 

Information can be disclosed to tax authorities in accordance with the norms of the current legislation. 

Any personal information collected by A.P.Impex will be stored for a limited period of time, after which it is safely removed. 

Website Security

Security of personal data for us is one of the main tasks. For this we use progressive programs, methods and technologies.

We recommend sending your personal information to communicate with the site through secure sources. 

Other sites

Our site contains links to other websites that have proven themselves well. But before sending them your data, we recommend that you read their privacy policy in detail. 

Changes to the Privacy Policy

A.P.Impex reserves the right to change this notice at any time without notice or liability to you or any other person by posting a revised version on this website.

The established norms act in accordance with the current notice published on the website. 

If you have any questions regarding this information, please write to the A.P.Impex Customer Support Center at:

We are always ready to answer all your questions.